“The organisation is, above all, social. It is people…” once said the great management guru Peter F. Drucker.

This year’s TEDxRigaTechnicalUniversity event’s central theme is “It is All About People”. With a focus on the subtheme “Meet Majestic Mate”, we’d like to ask you – have you ever stopped to think about the people you have met throughout your life and how they have shaped who you are today? Every day we cross paths with people, some of whom we may never see again, but others who will become significant in our lives.

The luxury of life is that you never know what contact will be for you. Through our interactions with others, we learn, grow and expand our horizons. Sometimes a chance encounter can lead to a lifelong friendship or a business partnership that changes the course of our lives.

As we explore the theme “It is all about people”, we will hear from a diverse group of speakers who have all had unique experiences with the people they have met along the way. They will share with us their stories of how these interactions have impacted their lives and the lessons they have learned from them.

Remember, you never know whom you will meet and what impact they may have on your life.